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Commercial_Real_Estate_Event_Highlan_Capital_GroupHCG, LLC is a Private finance and real estate equity Firm which provides Syndication and short-term Financing Services. We seek to acquire and reposition Retail Centers, Commercial Condominiums, Office Buildings and Undeveloped Land in the greater metro Atlanta area.

The HCG model was conceived by a group of professionals with expertise and experience in commercial real estate, Asset Management, and Entrepreneurship. The company was originally formed to be the holding company of its own investments, as years passed and the company enjoyed the success of its business model, the company evolved in to what it is today… an alternative investment vehicle for Individuals and Entities alike to capitalize on the experience and network of the Founders.

Investors get the benefit of being part of a family owned boutique style investment group, where every member has a financial interest in each project and where every project matters. In addition to offering an alternative Investment vehicle, HCG makes available to its Clients their network of professionals, who provide Brokerage and Financing solutions. We work closely with our network on a regular basis which allows us to provide innovative and creative solutions to assist our Clients in achieving their goal in the most efficient manner.

Since each of our Investments has limited room for Members, we treat each and every Investor like one of our family, which is one of the reasons for our short-term buy and sale/refinance mentality. Our investment strategy is to buy right, pay down or refinance and enjoy the cash flow from our investments.

If you are interested in finding out more information about HCG and its various investment vehicles, please send us an email or call.

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