HCG offers financing options for real estate properties and developers. The funds used to finance each borrower come from private investors who use HCG to place their money in select real estate projects.

HCG takes responsibility for locating, evaluating, underwriting, and servicing these opportunities for its investor clientele.

Standard Structure

The standard investment opportunity consists of a note and deed of trust in the 1st lien position that will encumber investment property owned by the borrower. The standard terms of the note are as follows:

• One year maturity

• Monthly interest-only payments

• Up to 60% loan to value for most real estate

• 50% loan to value for land/lots

• Construction funds are held in escrow

• Personal Guarantee from Borrower or 3rd Party

HCG will lend up to 60% loan to value, using the as-is, after repaired, or after completed value.

Through regularly scheduled inspections, HCG releases construction funds after work is completed and inspected.

HCG typically only offers investments in 1st lien positions, but occasionally will offer a subordinate position when the superior liens can be fully managed.