The HCG acquisition strategy is to acquire 3 to 5 projects each year in areas we know well.

HCG will pursue:

Retail Centers with a value added upside through repositioning and/or redevelopment,

Commercial Condominiums situated at the base of a mixed-use project,

Office Buildings with ample parking and catering to Dentist, Physicians, Attorneys, Accountants and other “Professionals”, and

Undeveloped Land allowing for Retail, Commercial Condominiums and/or Live / Work Development.

Our Geographic Focus in Metro Atlanta consists of: Upscale, inner-city community environments and areas of growing trends.

Property Focus:

• Retail Centers and Commercial Condominiums (Retail and/or Office)

• Triple Net (NNN)

• Ground Floor level of Mixed Use Properties – Residential/Office and Retail

• Pre-construction and Existing

• Grade B & C and new construction

• No limitation on size

• Need of upgrading and/or redevelopment

• Ample parking

• Undeveloped Land Zoned for commercial use

• Free of hazardous material clean up

• Demolition of existing structure is OK

Project Submission Criteria

Submissions should include (if available):

• Asking price

• Physical description

• Site plan/survey

• Photographs/maps

• Demographics

• Traffic count

• Environmental studies

• Rent roll